Enjoy our parents


I don’t think this a good piece of writing, after all : ))

Anyway, I wrote it with my full appreciation for mom, dad and those who still have ones.

May the message of “enjoyment” be passed through.

The luck of  being loved by someone else can repeat many times

But the luck of having parents happens only once.

We often miss it.


To tell the truth, I always think that: loving mom and dad is a matter of ethics and morality. Someone must be suck – by all means – to not love them, since parents did countless things for us from the past to present. It’s just right to love them and just wrong to not love them, or betray them, or mistreat them. Just it and just that. However, not until recently, I realize one more things:

Loving mom & dad is also a matter of enjoyment.

It’s an action that should be full of bliss and full of joy. We love them not only for them, but also for us. Especially for us. Because, it’s simply stupid to ignore something or someone staying there just for us to “use” – I mean, excessively uses without permission :D.


This is also another topic which I don’t know how to extend more, since it’s simple and beyond the capability of words. It’s so simple that everything added should be awkward. From the time realizing the fact that having mom& dad is a gift, enjoying “a gift” must be something that extremely obvious.

Because mom & dad are there, other values are queuing behind & waiting for us. Because mom & dad are there, we have houses to live in, foods to take in, showers to stand under, TV to watch, luxury to ask for, stories and lessons to listen to (before and after going to school), childhood to remind of, future to look forward to, shoulders to cry on, and so on and so on.

Because mom & dad are there, children benefits from them sort of things that even eyes can’t see. They learn how to love and know how happy to be loved; how to cook and how happy to cook for someone they care for, how love can be an immune system preventing one from tiny injuries to larger pains. If they can’t prevent, they at least can help them to alleviate or so.

Having parents, children have so many things more. Having them, our seeds of compassions and wisdom are invisibly watered every single day. Without them, children lose almost the rest of the world.

Therefore, I think, if somebody love their parents just because they are afraid to be called “bad”, because they consider that’s duty and responsibility, because the culture and custom asking them to do so, it’s really wasteful and painful. They refuse something they are offered free (with high quality 😀 ). They refuse something that make them wealthy, healthy and lively.


Actually, there is a master who reminded me of this fact. He said:

“Loving who gave birth to you is a matter of enjoyment. If you think I’m teaching you how to love mom and dad because it’s moral, it’s right, it’s ethical, you’re completely wrong. I’m reminding you that you’re having a great treasure and you should enjoy it, as you’re enjoying your living space, your job, your lover, your money or your meal. You should be kind to yourself and be happy to “use” what you’re holding on. Mom & dad are sources from which you get other things. I’m reminding that you have sweet stream, sweet bananas, sweet candies and you should be aware of that. If you don’t do that soon enough, the day you loose all of those, you’ll regret. “

Since then, I just wanna close my eye and feel the sense of indulgence flowing through my body when revising that reminder. I intentionally pressed myself on the term “be kind“, “enjoy” and “be aware of“. How peaceful and how lovely to feel all of those and realize that we can really “enjoy” mom & dad such as clothes, candies, houses, cars, wives, husbands… Not only to love them, but feel them, be happy to have them, appreciate them. And “enjoy”, after all.

Well, may be I’m crazy… but I don’t know why I love the word “enjoy” so much in this case :D. A sweet feeling just flows everywhere when I think of “enjoying my parents”.  Enjoy them, be with them. Enjoy them, ask them to love us more. Enjoy them, smile with them. Enjoy them, spend this weekend with them. Enjoy them, broaden the heart to let them in. Enjoy them, take in all the food and the good they fed us. Enjoy them, don’t waste a single thing they buy. Enjoy them, hold their hands as if that’s the last chance to do so. Enjoy them, enjoy the wrinkles on their skin. Enjoy them…

… because it’s simply a sense of enjoyment which was born with us since the day they give birth to us. They give us our lifes and also their lifes. A sense of enjoyment has been with us for a while as our parents’ gifts, but we barely notice that. Maybe that’s the reason why when thinking of mom and dad, I feel warm and safe and be embraced, but I just didn’t realize.

I didn’t realize that enjoying mom & dad is our basic instinct as sleeping, eating, breathing or loving. I just thought it’s moral, it’s cultural, it’s my reponsibility, it’s should be like that, it’s a matter of wrongness or rightness.

I didn’t realize it’s also a matter of stupidity and wisdom.

Whoever waste such a treasure (when they have that) is stupid. Whoever appreciate them, is wise.

And I don’t supprise any more when remember this “Only those who are brilliant and strong can love. Those who are fool and weak can’t


P/s: Please don’t mention mom & dad who are suck and mistreat their children. I know there are many of them out there, but don’t use them to justify our behaviors. They are bad, that’s their problems. We are not good, that’s our problems. It’s separated.