.ground herself

I chose this one for her amazing posture of “grounding herself”

There are many talents that simply make me speechless.

They are kinds of flowers and should be appreciated as real flowers.



I’ve just learned this term this morning, from a book (again, books did give me a second birth!) and immediately felt engaged to it.

Ground yourself in the present moment.

“Ground myself”? Sounds like I’m a flower, a tree, a grass, a garden, a house, a something-as-beautiful-and-strong-as-those. Sounds like I’m stable & mature, I can grow thus I’m alive. But there is another part in the term that even more magical – “the present moment”.

A long with the time, I am trying to peel this term to its core and still can’t satisfy with what I’ve found. “The present moment” has an ever-changing beauty that everyday when I’m back to it, I always discover more than one surprise.

Present moment is the future of the past – the future that you migh thought of years ago, months ago, weeks ago, or even yesterday and now it just comes true. Present moment will also be the past of the future – the past that you would regret or miss so much when tomorrow arrives, next week arrives or next year arrives. So often, we miss the past, crave for the future and skip the present at the same time, while the present embodies both the past and the future in itself. How funny, how ironic!

To make it even funnier and sadder, there’s no actual living space in the past and the future. There is no one to love “down there”, in the past. There no one to wait for “up there”, in the future. If there is any, it’s just a “figure”, not a tangible being. Nothing old can be repaired directly from the past. Nothing new can be shipped directly from the future. Literally, there is not-a-thing we can do for two of those. We often miss and love and look for them, but we can only live in the present. The present can step slowly towards the past and the future at the same time, it has the power of changing two of those and we just let it go.

Sometime when thinking of this, I just wanna burst out laughing on how silly I am. And I know, I will continue to be “funny” like that if I’m not taking this seriously from now on.


These days, I’m happy and even happier when a new day is comming. Each morning, I travel on the road from my department to the bus stop with great happiness and each evening, I come back home on the same routine with the same happiness. I would confess that I’m ridiculously happy – happy in an exaggerating way. But no problem 🙂 . Why do I have to worry when I’m totally aware of my state? There is only one reason to make me happy: I understood the basic essence of the present – it includes my past and my future, and it has the power of universal alteration. If I don’t grasp it now, I don’t have right to regret or dream later on.

I know how old I am and I’m in the age that won’t come back. I’m in a country that I can hardly come back. I’m meeting somebody that I won’t have chance to talk again. I’m planting my feet on places where I couldn’t do that one more time. Above all, I’m in a day that will never come back. Everyday will pass as its formers have passed countless times. We are called “living” yet our cells are being replaced, our days are being shorterned, our bodies are being mature and older, so we are actually “dying”. Tomorrow, the sun may rise again but that isn’t the same sun as today. People who would be on the bus tomorrow won’t be those who smiled to me today. I can do nothing to keep them, but enjoy them now.

Ground myself. I would do it. Do it firmly, as if I’m a tree. Humans are weaker than trees – they can stand in almost circumstances without asking for houses or accommodations. I think “grounding” is a good term because of that – it’s time to gain some lessons from trees.


Today was another full day of mine. I just want to say that out loud. I was back home with warm sunlights in my chest, cool winds in my head and nice names of people I love in my heart. Most of them are not in danger, but I just called their names silently throughout the day to make sure they will be safe 😀

May your day be the same. Hope your “tomorrow present” would be the same – filled with bliss, hopes and the images of your loved one. And the only way to know whether it would come true or not: ground yourself here and now. You can even smile with the laptop, here and now, that’s also an action of “grounding”. Or you can sing something nonsense to express that you still care about this life. Be kind to your life.

If you can smile today, it’s likely that this smile would add more decorations for your tomorrow.



Some friends told me: “It’s easier for you to be happy when you have no worry. I have worries so I can’t smile”. Well, no one has “no worry” or even less worries than others. It’s just crucial to you and isn’t crucial to me, or suffering to me and isn’t like that to you. It’s not because you have troubles then you can’t smile. It’s because you didn’t smile so often then you got into troubles. The present always comes first, and the present lies in us – our smiles, our actions.

At least, that’s my experiences. My past has a lack of effortless smiles, then problems were everywhere – I even saw problems on my mom’s face, who love me the most : )))

I’m also facing a difficult situation, that’s why I’m collecting smiles and happiness more than ever. I just wonder: why didn’t I start collecting them earlier? I would have more “smiling weapons” to deal with difficulties now.

But whatever. Now is the present, and waking up in the present will never be late.