For yesterday afternoon.

Talk 1

Two of us agreed that we are not busy enough. We had time to wander around. One played with trees and another played with papers. We had time to start them, then end them, then start them again, then end them.

We even managed ourselves to play with clay. We even thought of messing with wood. He planned to learn some from me – the book-things, I planned to learn some from him – the wood-things. We spent time talking, laughing, sharing, looking at the sky, enjoying coffee. By that way, this afternoon I felt peace. There was rain and I enjoyed it till the last drop. He finished one tree and I finished a bunch of paper.

Still – over there – they haven’t done anything yet to show.

“Too much wasted time”, he said.

“Then have another talk”, I replied.

By that way, we are friends. Both of us love to be free, but love also to be kept busy. We are here to serve. Do something for questions to be born, then ask us. Or simply communicate with us.


Talk 2

In a talk with my little fellow this afternoon, he asked why and how. I replied for the why: Because they saw us available, not valuable. Not as the way I respect my friend or the way I saw stuffs to learn in him, or the way I saw things to serve at our workshop. I realized not much time left to be with my friend or be with you.

Hence, I saw the need to enjoy every moment and I don’t think they do.