1. An experienced-in-the-field guy sent my boss a proposal which was then sent to me. That makes me half happy and half not. The strongest intention is to invite him. However, I cannot guarantee his bright future here. We need him but we’ve just started. Someone ran away does not mean the others will do the same thing, but that still made us think.

I think we will employ a straightforward conversation – a kind of talk I always respect.

2. I did offer someone else a straightforward conversation but it didn’t work somehow. I believed a face to face invitation is better than that on papers – it didn’t work either. I thought our links of emotion will run better when we looked at other eyes – well, it didn’t too.

That one still prefers something more officially – a paper with black texts. Well, next time, I will – as you wish.

3. My friend’s advise is to ignore it. My fault wasn’t faulty at all. I was just the last person to said the same thing with the formers right before the issue exploded, then I was blamed. Or at least I blamed myself for causing everything.


After everything,  nothing actually happened to me. They happened around me. However, I pulled them in (for me life to be crowded and fun) and then said I’m in trouble. My initial purpose of pulling in – just to be crowded and fun – was forgotten.

Well, I’m really in the troubles I created somehow. And it’s silly after all, as nothing happen after all.