Actually, anyone can be. Even if you can't speak.


One night, one of my student texted me and asked. It was a kind of question not usually spoken out loud.

– Do you love your job, Ms?

Thinking a bit, I replied.

– I have 2 jobs. Which one are you asking about?

It was her turn to think a bit. Then she replied.

– Tell me whichever job that you love.

– I love both of them. However, I love my hidden one more.

– What is a hidden job, Ms?

I explained to her that was the concept I’ve used for a while for my life to be more fun. Hidden jobs are those, I explained to her, not listed on the official job list of any nation but still existing. These jobs are usually not paid or gain salary. In some cases, they are well-paid when people can merge them with the obvious job they are doing. In other cases, hidden job can still earn values which are not measured by currency. Those could be food, respect, fun, happiness, one’s safety, invisible merits.

My student fell into silence. At least that’s what I guessed when we were divided by a screen.

– Then what is your hidden job, Ms?

I typed with proud.

– I’m a messenger.


Of course I’m a full-of-life being, not a Facebook apps. A Vietnamese phrase like “người truyền thông điệp” also couldn’t offer me such a feeling when I claimed in English, I’m a messenger. Anyway, it was the concept that I believe when building up and spreading out for somebody else, like that little young girl, it will gradually heal this world like a band-aid.

I’ve met and seen people with hidden jobs. They have different faces with similar state of face: they look happy. Those who are dog-and-cat rescurer, those who are motobile-rescurer, those who are pickpocket-warner, those who are oldpeople-guider, those who are traffic jam-solver, those who are litter-pickuper. Almost every single of them has another job and does the hidden one at the same time. Some are aware of what they are doing and then earning, the other aren’t. Nevetheless, hidden jobs continue to manifest in various forms.

When lifting my eyes somewhere further than the daily stress, I can see many of them.


My little student was supprised when she thought she first knew about what I said. However, hidden job is no longer new to the mankind. You don’t need research papers to prove so – and I’m afraid they can’t either.

The task for those who are in the career is to let the others know they are having hidden job, too, in one way or another. The task is telling them to re-activate it – if it is currently deactivated, or to power up it – if it is currently weaken.

The moment I told my student was half year ago. I may have told somebody else even before that moment, I’m not sure. One thing I’m sure that I’m continuing to plan the hidden job seed from then to now.

These days I look back on my claim and see my hidden job sinking a bit deeper than before. I claimed myself busy quiet often. My saying is longer and no more brief. Somebody out there might see the same things as the earning-money-job outweights the the hidden job. However, I don’t mind much. Anything will show its strength when it can survive under other’s skin.


Last year, several used-to-be-student boys and girls came back and demonstrated that they want to spread their ideas to the young fellows. No remuneration needed, Ms, I just want to share. Message bounced back which means to me that hidden job worked.

Somewhere over the streets, I can see also other’s hidden jobs effects. Young people help old people to cross the street; some bow when they say thank you, some smile. More litter-pickuper, more queing-reminder. There would be even more off my sight.

In a private move happenned months ago, I saw my student replied to a friend on Facebook – in a context that I was not clear about but happy about.

– Do you know what is a messenger? She asked.

I didn’t note how was her friend’s response.

From then, I didn’t bother my student but my mind intended to encourage her to try other hidden jobs someday instead of being only the messenger. Other manifestations of work would be great, too.

It keeps your heart loving.