Image source: Pinterest. Keyword: Anime scenery

1. My students were at another building when I arrived. I called them back for my mistake of ordering the wrong room and they came back immediately. They are the one who picked Saturday for our tutorial session – the day I want to rest. With that much enthusiam and eagerness, I’m thinking really hard of ways to maintain this flame in the next four years. Even longer than four years.


2. When they were sitting there, looking at my face and smiling with their head nodded, I was like seeing the Gmail signal popped out in front of my forehead: “Massage sent!”. The afternoon sky was more than blue.

Being deep down in my calmness, I saw a demand to dance slightly.

I was told and sometime thought here and there were bullshit, but this shit is fantastic in so many levels. I mean, this state. I have undergone it over again and yet felt any bored.

Growing whatever tree is always good. If you can’t, grow a man instead – with love, with care, with knowledge, with whatever positive. Mother Nature doesn’t care – if you give her any form, she will manifest lives into that one.